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Back when I was a poor college student, my roommate and I went into a local DC liquor store to do some competitive price checking. While we didn’t find the prices to be all that good, I was shocked to … Continue reading

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Sarah Jane and the Hallicrafters

While the summertime weather heats up, the band conditions are definitely cooling down. Aside from a few notable exceptions listed in our summertime listening guide, not much is happening on the HF bands. Solar activity has left 15, 12, and … Continue reading

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Radio Pinup Shoot

It’s tough work, but someone’s gotta do it. A few weeks ago, I got a message from a young woman on ModelMayhem wanting to work with me on some photos. Well, being a red blooded American male photographer of sound … Continue reading

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Dayton Photos

As I write this, all the radios are disconnected from their antennas as a few spring thunderstorms roll through my part of the world. With every crack of thunder though, I can;t help but think of what happened in Oklahoma … Continue reading

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